Courses in Dynamic Change Management using Hidden Influencers (DCHI)

Our methodology is encapsulated in our foundation course. Dynamic Change Management using Hidden Influencers: Practitioner Certification is a hands-on two-day course that equips delegates with the tools to identify the key influencers in an organisation and to involve them in a Change Management programme, to greatly improve outcomes.

On successful completion of the course examination, delegates receive a DCHI Practitioner Certification from Informal Networks and will be listed in our Certified Practitioners Directory.

For anyone embarking on a large change programme either as an internal Change Manager or an external consultant, our DCHI Practitioner course is an excellent, cost-effective introduction.



“Their approach to managers and influencers helped us to make a major step towards a practical, commercial IT culture” – Andy Jackson, Director of IT, Friends Provident.

“The identification of influencers was both quick and painless and produced the additional benefit of allowing the programme to move forward without a single staff or union objection. Having worked with many change methods, my judgement is that this Influencer Technique is both comprehensive and very impressive in managing business change” Neil Grogan, Business Change Manager, Liverpool Direct Limited (Liverpool City Council/BT joint venture).

“They used influencers to successfully implement really difficult changes without starting World War 3″ – David White, IT Director, Xchanging Insurance Services (BPO supplier for Lloyds of London).

“We had an opportunity to compare nominated representatives with identified influencers during the implementation process. Overwhelmingly, influencers were the key to success” Tim Pink, Management of Change Manager, TITAN Change Programme, Nationwide Building Society