Wicked Problems

Problems that have defied conventional solution require new approaches

In today’s turbulent world, leaders face a range of problems. Some are tame – they can be resolved by conventional management process. Occasionally they are critical and demand that leaders take command, telling people what to do. Others are wicked and require leaders to engage with others, particularly with often-hidden informal leaders, in problem-solving.

We help all leaders identify the types of problem they face, and become more agile in switching their approaches to tackle them.

With wicked problems, which are the most intractable, we:

  • Identify the informal leaders that exist at all levels – those key influencers who significantly contribute to success.
  • Work with formal and natural leaders, to help them to clarify their roles, goals and contributions, and to tap into the collective intelligence within and between organisations to improve performance.
  • Coach formal leaders to work collaboratively with informal leaders and their networks, and provide support when requested.

Provide new working frameworks, which enable everyone to contribute to solving wicked problems, progressively building organisational resilience.