Deep leadership

Practical leadership through the key hubs in influence networks

We know how to pinpoint the key elements of social capital by mapping existing internal and external networks and then planning new or improved collaborations to create disproportionate benefits. We facilitate previously hidden networks to deliver tangible outcomes. For the first time, this provides a baseline of evidence for more effective leadership and decision making. Our approach highlights the different influence networks, change-positive people and existing levels of collaboration.

Our social capital expertise will help you use this information to radically and consistently improve your leadership capability.

Once you know who the key informal leaders are across informal networks it becomes possible to implement practical, effective leadership – the impossible task of developing super-managers is replaced by practical leadership through influence networks.  The real super-managers are then those who can best engage and focus key individuals across this leadership super-network.

In turn, this key insight helps senior executives to design and implement much more effective management capability right across the organisation.