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Within and across organisations, entire staff are too often considered as one amorphous group. However, by shining a light into the heart of organisations, we can see the spectrum of unique traits that identify every one of our employees, helping us to gain a far deeper knowledge and understanding of how each individual is connected with others through shared expertise, experience and empathy as well as influence and motivation (positive mindedness).

By illuminating the often unseen informal social networks, strengthened by human bonds and empathy within and between teams and departments, organisations are able to out-perform competitors, build greater resilience and establish truly collaborative cultures that encourage and reward full participation.

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Collective Energy

As businesses adopt hybrid models of remote and office-based working, we are witnessing a seismic shift in how individuals, teams and entire departments work effectively together, sharing knowledge and ideas over tables and screens. For some, this change could be destructive; for others, a chance to engage distributed teams, embrace new opportunities and enable a higher level of corporate capability.

Tapping into the hidden informal social networks in your organisation allows you to identify and actively engage those key individuals at all levels who can make the difference between success and failure.

The right ‘big idea’ for your business is recognised as crucial and about to take off. Teams at all levels are being created to be optimal with real leaders, innovation, high morale and high energy. Individuals are enjoying their work, often for the first time: excitement, enthusiasm and motivation.

We tap into and utilise the informal social networks that exist in your organisation. There will be about 5% of people who have a disproportionate influence on others. You can scale significant change quickly and efficiently by seeking their help to influence others in ambitious desired change. This process has proven to be highly effective in many blue chip organisations – see our outstanding track record.